AVAX tops the crypto predictability list… but the other tokens may surprise you

While you cannot predict the future, you can learn from the past.

When you look at their trading history, some crypto tokens can be much more predictable than others.

Five cryptocurrencies have shown the kind of trading predictability which could give crypto traders with sharp eyes a significant advantage on the markets.

These five tokens all have one thing in common:

They averaged an average increase in value after strong bullish conditions had been detected. This was measured after 24, 48 and 72 hours. Extreme bullish conditions were also detected. The minimum average gain after an extreme flag was shockingly 10%.

This is not a guarantee of future trading activity, but it is remarkable to see that tokens led by Avalanche, AAVE, and Curve (CRV), exhibit behavior patterns that consistently show major gains. Other tokens, such as AAVE and Curve, tend to decrease in value over the same timeframes. Still other tokens have very few correlations with historical trading conditions.

Background for identifying predictability

If you’ve been following Cointelegraph for the past year, then you probably have read about Markets Pro, a proprietary data intelligence platform that allows you to analyze trading signals in a quant-style format called the VORTECS(tm Score).

The ROI of automated tests can be purely hypothetical and generates a mind-bending ROI when multiplied over many months.

It is easier to understand the individual crypto assets’ habits than to look at aggregate data when trying to put historical precedent to use as a regular investor. This is one way that traders can tell which assets are most likely to follow the same paths to huge returns.

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Which history rhymes the most?

VORTECS(tm), Score was created to give traders a bird’s-eye view of multi-dimensional patterns in past performance data for crypto assets. The Score’s key principle is that tokens often behave in similar ways in terms trading metrics and social sentiment, days before they explode or tank in price. These regularities, even though not predictive of price action, can be used to inform trading decisions if they are detected early.

Historical average gains

This chart shows twenty coins with the highest VORTECS(tm), Scores of 80 or 90 since the platform was launched.

High scores signify that the algorithm is confident that the coin’s future outlook is historically bullish. Although it is rare, a score of 90 indicates that the algorithm believes prices have moved more frequently and with greater purpose in past trading conditions.

These bars show average gains that the asset has generated after hitting a certain score. The legend shows that 72/90 is the average gain the asset generated within 72 hours of hitting 90. The orange bar indicates the average return after 48 hours of hitting 80.

Avalanche (AVAX), is perhaps the most consistent trade for crypto investors who use historical analysis as part their research. High scores have been directly associated with price appreciation. The gains have also reinforced the algorithm’s thesis.

Score 80, then sell after 24 hours: Average gain of 3%

Score 80, then sell after 48 hours: Average gain of 6%

Score 80, then sell after 72 hours: Average gain of 9%

Score 90, then sell after 24 hours: Average gain of 12%

Score 90, then sell after 48 hours: Average gain of 16%

Score 90, then sell after 72 hours: Average gain 28%

Others are more consistent with their bars being close together.

Axie infinity (AXS), a great example, is 4% at 24/80. 7% at 48/80. 9% at 72/80.

Others saw modest returns at 80, but performed exceptionally well after scoring 90.

Tellor (TRB), for example, has average returns of 5% after hitting 80 and 17% after 72 hours.

Some bars point to zero, which marks tokens that tend to lose value after high VORTECS(tm), Scores. However, these are greatly outnumbered.

Most crypto assets which cross the VORTECS(tm Score of 80 experience steady appreciation within the next 24 to 72 hour, often for longer periods.

The chart shows that traders may be more confident when VORTECS(tm), Score is high on AXS and MATIC, AVAX and LUNA while being more cautious with AAVE or CRV.

Markets Pro continuously monitors the performance of individual assets and the Score. To help subscribers get the most out of their membership, a detailed breakdown of pertinent data points is published each weekend in the weekly VORTECS ™ report.

Members can only use Cointelegraph Markets Pro on a monthly basis for $99 or annually with two months free. To ensure it meets the needs of subscribers in crypto trading and investing research, Cointelegraph Markets Pro comes with a 14-day money back policy. Members can cancel at any time.

Cointelegraph is not an investment advisor, but a publisher of financial information. We don’t offer personalized or individualized advice on investment. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile investments that carry high risk, including total and permanent loss. Past performance does not necessarily indicate future results. All figures and charts are accurate at the time of writing, unless otherwise stated. Strategies that have been tested in real life are not recommended. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions.


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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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